Selling a business

Running a business and simultaneously managing a sales process requires good planning and balancing priorities. You want to get the highest value for your business, and we often experience unrealistic timelines and workloads. Let us reduce disruption by assisting you with the following; 
  • Prepare business plans which supports and give credibility to the Information Memorandum
  • Organise and prepare a virtual data room which reduce the due diligence period  and resources needed on both sides. 
  • Prepare pro forma and carve out financial statements, prepare interim financial statements and consider the need for audited reports
  • Advise on internal control procedures,  accounting manuals, and management reporting tools
We can assist in the planning, structuring, and facilitation of virtual data rooms using industry and transaction specific information request lists. Starting a due diligence process with a standardised request list, not coordinated between your advisers, will often end in a time consuming and bad process, with duplicated work and key information missing or poorly presented.

The level of detail in the data room should be enough to enable byuers to determine a fair value, but also limiting competitive or sensitive information.

A data room may often include information of little relevance or materiality, while key information is missing "because it was not on the list". A well organised and comprehensive data room demonstrates that management has good reporting tools and strong internal control systems.